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8/5/13 2:54 PM 

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Conference News - May 2012 

I Southeast Conference 


e a h 

Alabama -Tennessee Association Holds 2012 Annual Meeting March 16th and 17th in Pleasant Hill, 


Over 100 people gathered for the Alabama- 
Tennessee Association Annual Meeting at the 
H Pleasant Hill Community UCC, surrounded by the 
incomparable music of the Holy Trinity Community 
UCC choir from Nashville, an engaging and dramatic 
puppet troop from Church of the Savior, Knoxville, an 
inspiring ecclesiastical council, the beautiful newly 
rebuilt sanctuary and facility of the church, and a call 
to move forward toward being an association for the 
new century. On Friday evening an ecclesiastical 
council was convened to exam Cameron Barr for 
ordination. Cameron is a member in discernment of 
the association, a member of Howard Congregational UCC, Nashville, and about to graduate from Vanderbilt 
Divinity School. He was introduced by his mentor in ministry Lawrence Clark, and his CPE supervisor, Lois 
Morrison. He preached an inspiring sermon lifting up the challenges of living out of the call to Christian unity as 
a denomination in this time. He was unanimously voted to become ordainable pending a call. Following a service 
which featured the puppets of Church of the Savior UCC, Knoxville, the choir of Holy Trinity Community UCC, 
and communion led by host pastor, Tom Warren, the association adjourned to an ice cream social. 

Saturday morning following breakfast the association gathered into small 
groups to share our life stories and come to know one another better, 
then convened to the business meeting. The treasurer, Ginny Nixon 
reported a balance of $13,830 and a budget for 2012-2013 of $18,500. 
The nominating committee reported that all of the current officers and 
committee chairs would continue another term. They are: Gray Myers, 
moderator, Leslie Etheredge, vice-moderator, Ginny Nixon, treasurer, 
and Marilyn Jones, secretary. 

Perhaps the most noteworthy 

action of the association was that a motion was passed to join the other 
two associations of the conference to work together in the preparation, 
authorization and oversight of ministry through a conference- wide 
Committee on Ministry and a network of sub-committees. The motion 
was made by Barbara Everett. Conference Minister Tim Downs spoke 

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Leader Link Conference News Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

8/5/13 2:54 PM 

aDOUi ine over ten year preparation Tor inis reorganization wnicn Degan 
in General Synod in 1999. This work is a way of equipping the new 
multiple paths to ministry, and will require a significant recommitment of 
time and energy on the part of local churches, the conference and 
others. Associate Conference Minister Kathy Clark spoke about the work that has been done to engage 
members in discernment. Many of those attending were struck by the beauty of the newly refurbished sanctuary 
of the Pleasant Hill Church, and the warmth of the hospitality of the congregation. 

Mission Trips that Matter 

Are you looking for a mission trip opportunity for your 


Here is an invitation for a work camp mission trip. 

Where: Pleasant Hill, TN, on the beautiful Cumberland 

Plateau in mid east Tennessee. 

Overview: Neighbors Together, a local grass roots 

organization serving basic needs of individuals and 
families in the area, is in need of work groups to help us renovate a small old house 
recently acquired for office space. Uplands Retirement Village, a UCC supported 
retirement village with residents from all over the country, and Pleasant Hill 
Community United Church of Christ, a just peace, whole earth, open and affirming 
congregation, will provide additional work sites and support for volunteers. 

Available work camp dates: May, June, and early July 

Age preference: high school - adult 

Length of work camp: Groups are welcome to come for several days to a week. 

Click here to learn more about Neighbors Together 

Missionaries Available to Visit Your Local Congregation 

We are pleased to announce that Maryjane and Don Westra, Global 
Ministry missionaries serving in Zimbabwe will be available to visit your 
church for to speak at worship or to groups interested in the global 
ministries of the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church 
(Disciples of Christ), they will be available during the month of October. 
Don and Maryjane are completing a three-year term of service with the 
United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe. Don serves as staff to the Micro- 
Enterprise and Strategic Planning/Management Program at Mt. Selinda 
and Maryjane serves as a Hospital Administrator which includes 
administration responsibilities at the Daisy Dube Children's Home in Mt. Selinda. 

We are also pleased to announce that Anil and Theresa Henry medical 
missionaries serving in Mungeli, India, will be available August 21 - 
September 14, 2012, Anil and Theresa are commissioned by the 
Alabama-Tennessee Associating for their work in India, and were 
members of Brookmeade Congregational UCC while they were in 

Please contact Tim Downs at , 
if you are interested in making arrangements. 

file: ///Users/MTS/Desktop/work%20in%20progress/archive_org%20newsletter%20uploads/20 12 /May/conference-news. htm I 

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Leader Link Conference News Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

8/5/13 2:54 PM 

vvriuii^ iiic ocia;j. cvii jn aui 

lg) JTUCLJ.^ OL j: »u.iiii-vv AlllUg 


Presenter: Ray McGinnis 

Date: Thursday, May 10, 2012 

Workshop: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. | Dinner: 6:00 p.m. 

Location: Pilgrimage United Church of Christ 

3755 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta 30066 

Cost: $15 

To register call: 770-971-0007 

Writing the Sacred: A Psalm-Writing workshop. As a veteran workshop leader, Ray 
McGinnis brings a splendid range of writing exercises to spark your imagination. At 
this workshop, come play with words, come nurture your spirit as you learn ways to 
make your own new psalms. Explore how Psalm writing can deepen self-understanding, expand self-expression, 
personal and spiritual growth. Ray offers a splendid range of Psalm excerpts along with other poets who have 
glimpsed the sacred in the ordinary through writing. Ray brings to this workshop simple step-by-step journal 
writing and poetry exercises to help you write a new psalm with ease. Come and explore the thin spaces where 
reflective writing and spirituality meet. This workshop is designed for both those who enjoy writing and those who 
have never put pen to paper. This is a workshop open to older children, youth and adults. Come and discover 
how God is still speaking. 

Signed copies of Writing the Sacred will be available for sale during the workshop for those who wish to purchase 
a copy priced at $20 

"This was THE most spiritually honest, open-hearted, accessible workshop I think I have ever attended. " 

- The Rev. Linda Campbell, St. John's Episcopal Church, Ross, California 

"Writing the Sacred is rich with insight, power and meaning. Ray McGinnis gives us a great gift by showing the 
Psalms to be a living language, a poetic language vital for today. These pages are permeated with our human 
story - our raw and beautiful longing for God... (and) acts as a healing balm and creative catalyst to help you 
reclaim your soul's voice." - John Fox, author, Poetic Medicine: The Healing Art of Poem-Making, Mountain 
View, California 

"Have I told you how much I like your book? I just quoted your work to someone again yesterday and she's going 
to go buy it." - Christina Baldwin, author, Storycatcher, Whidbey Island, Washington 

"Some of the people who were at this workshop today I have known for many years. Yet, I found myself starting 
new conversations, discovering sides of myself, new insights and appreciations of others who are apart of my 
church family... I come away with some fresh perspectives about myself and who I am in community that feels 
both surprising, expansive and affirming." 

- Mary, Participant, Trinity Congregational Church, Gloucester, Massachusetts 

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